Shipping and Delivery

Fast secure delivery and shipping services

Only the most efficient means for our clients.


Fast Shipping

We are in connection with one of the fastest shipping courier companies. We pay a montly fee to our shipping partners for full disclosure. Rest assured not only will your package be delivered securely it would be arriving your post or door at quickly.

Secure and discreet delivery

We know that prying eyes can be a problrm to the supply chain. That is why the shipping company will always label your packages as discreet. Discreet shipping hides any idea of what the products is inside. Privacy is key and your fake money notes will come with seals which when tampered with voids the package. If you notice a tampered, return the package and you will be reimbursed in full.


Order fake money online

If you are looking for the best quality of fake money to order, we are here to make sure you get only the best. We highly prefer you reach out to us only when you want to order as support staff are constantly working for you.